Well it feels like ages since I have posted, especially when it comes to a yellow outfit. Truth be told I almost forgot I had a blog. Sometimes life issues just catches up on you and your interests often gets pushed into a small corner; but yesterday the weather in London was just f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s, which of course meant that I was the perfect opportunity to visit our little local park during my lunch break. Luckily, I don’t suffer from hay fever or anything and being born in the countryside, I absolutely adore areas of greenery (minus the bugs of course, yuck!).

It really does feel like forever since I have worn any form of yellow (last yellow outfit here). This week I have themed this lace yellow top with this vintage yellow sunshine skirt that I bought on my last thrift store trip. Throw in these Asos gold kitten heels and my yellow outfit is complete. Originally, I had been wearing a DIY yellow choker but removed it whilst walking to work. I sort of caught my reflection in one of those shop windows and thought.. hmmm… a little too much, nah actually that’s just way too much – let’s just get rid of this for now. You have to be adaptable in fashion.

Spring/Summer Outfit

Having said all that, I am in a place of pure bliss. Spring/Summer really does something to me, it increase my joy and brightness. In the UK, we are so used to the long autumn/winter season, long cold weather,  clocks going backward which submerses us in pure darkness (gosh don’t even get me started on the darkness) and whilst I love autumn/winter fashion my life demands sun, my melanin revels in it. So of course this yellow outfit really reflects my current mood, happy bubbly and fun with a hint of sunshine yellow.

Outfit source –

Vintage skirt : Thrift store

Yellow lace top : New Look

Gold heels : Asos


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