Well, hello there! This week I have been out with my girl and I am excited to be wearing the men’s shirt. To be honest I sort of just threw on this shirt atop these crop simple pair of black jeans. All for the sake of a fun, casual, and slightly retro look. Lucky for us gals the men’s shirt started trending a few years ago and since then it hasn’t looked back not that I’d care if it had. I would still wear it.


I really enjoy the comfort of throwing on a masculine shirt and just adding those simple accessories that serves to add a scent of femininity to the mix.  There is something brilliant about the level of simplicity and style that is effortlessly added by the shirt. Better still it’s so accessible, your boyfriend’s got one, your brother’s got one, that distant cousin has got one or you can just go right ahead a steal one from your flatmates laundry bag – chances are he probably won’t even miss it.

I picked up this number from Topman, truth be told I was snatched by the colour. The slight mix between pink and purple really had me at hello. This week I am colour theming with this purple hat that I picked up from Primark, you all know how much I love a fashionable bargain.

To be honest ladies, it’s really hard to go wrong with any men’s shirt. Guys are often bigger than us and so you will rarely have to be concerned about your three sizes, muffin tops or that tiny pouch that will sometimes rear its ugly head when you are wearing tight clothing. The shirt can be as oversized or as small as you want it to be. It can either be worn unbuttoned (as seen here) or fully buttoned. You can tuck it in, or wear it out; it really doesn’t matter. The styling options are entirely and utterly up to you.

Finally, as the sun is shining and the weather is cool, just throw on sunglasses for a more retro, rustic look. Trust me fashionistas… everything look much cooler with a nice pair of sunglasses.

Afro girl sitting infront of purple door in Topman purple shirt and black Asos Jeans

Topman purple shirt and black Asos Jeans

Outfit source:-

Jeans : Asos

Shirt : Topman

Shoes : Ebay

Accessories: Primark


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