Everyone always asks me where I bought this dress and the truth is…..

…. I have no idea.

It’s about 10 years old and falling apart at the seams… LITERALLY

This was handed to me by a family member around 2007/8, that family member had been handed it by another family member who had received it from her boyfriend. Who in turn had received it from his mother, who was travelling from the States to Jamaica. So as you can see it’s passed through a lot of hands before it finally reached my London wardrobe.

When I was young there was a huge thing about being a little weighty in Jamaica. Plumpness can often be seen as a sign of wealth, happiness and health.

I had received this dress simply because it was too small for everyone else. Despite all the talks, this of course meant that there were perk to being ‘‘That Skinny English girl’’, well in my head anyhow. I mean who doesn’t like free clothes? Plus, from the monent I saw it, I just adore this dress – secretly I was praying that it would be a good fit.

I wear it often, simply because I love how feminine I feel every time I slide it over my hips and smooth the frills down from top to bottom. Like fine wine it’s definitely become better with time and my body fills it out much better now that I am an adult. I picked up this monochrome leather look slingback pointed shoes and box bag just after Xmas. I love box bags they are so cute and add a lot of character to your outfit. To complete this simple look I just threw on these simple pearl beads. Pearls really add a nice feel to any vintage dress.

Vintage Dress : Miss Elliot California (Old)

Bag :  Next

Jewellery / Glasses : Primark

Sling back pointed heels :  Asos


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