This week I travelled back in time a little with this blue vintage dress which sparked conversation with my friend and led to us  to a discussion on the concept of beauty. You wanna know something? It’s interesting how often beauty changes. Roughly every 100 years’ human being are pioneering to be something else. Whether it’s the 1950s when every girl wanted to look like Marilyn Munroe or the 1960s when everyone wanted to be skinny with huge deer like eyes like twiggy or even 100 years ago when many women aspired to be like Isadora Ducan. Body image is so important, especially in an era where our children are practically living out their lives under the influence of social media platforms such as; Facebook / Twitter / Instagram and… well you know the rest.

And it’s funny because women with Big bums were not always popular. You might not believe it but there was a time where tall and jangly was the ideal body figure. Oh? How things have changed, I’ve seen an increase in bum sizes… so many boobs and bum photos on just my Instagram account alone, to last me a lifetime – literally! Funny thing is perfection cannot really be obtained… the more you seek it the more it escapes you, everything is so fleeting. Fashion changes season by season year by year… craze by craze and as human being we move with it – all influenced by new things. We can literally wear a colour this winter and never wear it again for our entire lifetime because it becomes outdated – obsolete. The truth is although many of us don’t care to admit it; we are all influenced by someone or something … many of us look on the people with a million likes / followers who seems to be living the perfect life, and travelling to all the perfect location and we aspire to be like them. All the while forgetting, forgetting something so very important – we forget that every individual is unique to themselves and the crazy thing is beauty is literally in the eyes of the beholder. I look at tribes abroad…

The Massai tribe of Kenya who has elongate their earlobes. The Maori who practice face tattooing or the Kayans who add coils around their necks thereby collapsing their shoulder bones and giving them the illusion of having a long neck, because to them a long neck is where beauty is at. Oh, and the Chinese used to break and tightly wrap their toes under their feet because their standard of beauty is the sway of the hips that only comes with extreme modification. Let’s not even get started on some of the devastating regrets of the plastic surgery that I have seen on botched bodies. The quest for beauty is real guys. We are ever changing: ever aspiring. Lately, I have been led to a conclusion regarding beauty, because for me the most beautiful thing in the world is a person who has confidence in their beauty. Not arrogance but a quiet confidence that brews like a thunderstorm ready to shake the earth with its fierceness.

Dress: Thrift shopping | Heels: Asos | Jewellery: Handmade




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