Right guys, I went to Hillsongs United yesterday, it wasn’t really planned, just a spontaneous trip and a  long overdue catch up with a friend. The weather was boom, so I decided to bite the bullet and wear this black floral dress that had somehow managed to hide itself in the back of my closet. If you know anything about me at all, you will know that  I am sucker for fashion. Especially if it means fashion at a bargain and wearing floral (ain’t nobody got money for that). Personally, I believe in dressing for under £30.00 and looking like a million bucks; so, hold your ears up to your devices my dear friends, and let me just tell you about this outfit, cha.

I picked up this floral dress just after Christmas, it was that time of the year when the January sale had dropped and New Look was kicking out their old stock – I assume with the need of getting ready for their new collection. Which for me meant BARGAIN prices. This little floral number was something stupid like £8.00.

Yep, you heard me right, I did say £8.00.

To be honest, I didn’t really need any convincing, I was aware that the S/S season was almost in bloom and even more so I was aware that there are a few iconic fashion pieces that are timeless…

FYI these includes;
  1. The classic white shirt
  2. Pastels of any kind
  3. A good pair of jeans (I’d say black, blue and white)
  4. Polka dots
  5. Floral 

So of course, when I saw this floral dress which was just perfect for the spring I was all like, ‘oh, yes please’. I don’t even know if Newlook still has this dress in stock, but if they do I would recommend it 100% because the feedback that I’ve had on this dress is serious. Here’s what I absolutely love about it.

  1. Its has long sleeves; as it’s still a little nippy in the UK this is perfect for the weather over the next month.
  2. Although it has long sleeves it’s light and airy so you do not/will not feel overwhelmed when the weather improves.
  3. The cut is completely modest when standing up, a little naughty when sitting down, but the package is still wrapped – Ladies, you know what I mean [wink].
  4. You can wear this little number with boots or sandals and it will still look fab.

Really? What is there not to like? With that price and that amazing design, New look really rocked by fashion boat.

Photos by Abi (blogger, youtuber, hair extraordinaire)

Outfit source –

Influence Black Floral Print V Neck Dress:  New look

Black Heeled Sandals : New look

Choker : DIY (see how I made it here)

Pastel Pink Bag : River Island



  1. Shanni! You sure have a Quintessentially seasonal flair with a touch of Class and Style. Girl! You look sõōøóòöô Stylish,Elegant, and Glamorous! You always seem to pull it off by evoking a je ne sais quoi charm that's pleasant to the eye! Keep Styling it Up Girl!

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