Hallo ah!

I was looking through my archive yesterday and came across these images. I can’t remember why I haven’t posted this before but I met this chick, ReneSyles at African Fashion Week London and I just thoroughly enjoyed her outfit. The simplicity of this all really had me doing a mental jig, I feel that this would be so easy to replicate – and that’s what makes it so enticing.  The off-shoulder shirt just added an area of femininity whilst the classic blue jeans just complimented the blue and white stripes.  All this was then beautifully stretched and then pulled back together by her amazing (corduroy looking) headscarf. Guys, if you are ever having a bad hair day headscarf are totally the way to go. I really love the fact that most of us would probably have a similar item to this in our closet.

The additional of the hint of blacks really set the outfit in motion. The choker, the open-toe heels and the quilted bag really cemented it for me.

Not sure if this shirt was designed to sit this way but I will be trying this to see it I can rock it with one of those normal shirts I have sitting in my closet. Rene have a blog and is a member of team natural so check her out.

Mwah x

Headscarf : Accessorize

Choker : Stradivarius

 Top : ZARA

 Jeans : Berkshka

 Shoes : Office


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