It’s the second day of the New year and I have stepped into 2017 with feelings of joy and apprehension. This year saw the end of some amazing people so I am well AWARE that it’s a blessing to have crossed the finish line of 2016. It’s been an eventful year and with the weather getting slowly worse it’s amazing how cranky I’m getting. This is because there are many things that I don’t like about the winter: for one it’s dark by 4 PM and if that wasn’t bad enough it’s damn cold. 

Many of my friends find the snow to be beautiful but with being born in Jamaica (Yes this is my one and only viable excuse), I am just never mentally prepared for it. Winter for me means snuggling up underneath my duvet with a bag of Mars Milky Way Magic Stars and a nice cup of tea.  As a child, I once took a whole week off school because it snowed. Okay, I was also a little ill (so School police please do not come looking for me)! Gosh I’d make a good bear…give me food and hibernation and I’d be satisfied. Now don’t get me wrong I love the snow, its pleasant to watch other people shovelling it on the TV and snow is amazing when I’m watching it through my window with the heating on full blast. I also think that the purity of it as it covers the earth in a thick blanket is pretty cool – I guess what I really don’t like is the brown mushiness as it begins to melt and the fact that you still have go about your daily life. I mean come on; it’s not like I am actually a bear.


What I do love about winter is the fashion. The snuggly outfits, the amazing coats, the high knee boots and the sweaters – I just adore jumpers. I picked up this neat one in the Sainsbury’s sale just after boxing day.  It was totally worth my £9.00 to be this warm. I hope you are all enjoying the start to the New Year.

Jumper : Sainsburys | Jeans (high waisted) & Bag : H&M  | Silver socks : Primark | Yellow and White Stripe Vans


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