Sometime around March – May 2016, something triggered in the world of fashion and everyone started wearing Silver. This was fortified by the Met Gala in which we saw the world most famous celebrities giving the term “Tinseltown” a whole new meaning. I didn’t even bat an eyelid when I saw the fashion bling hit the high streets because I already had my silver dress tucked well away in the back of my wall robe. It’s always a little sad when you realise that you are not as unique as you think, and sadly fashion always exposes that you are not that one of a kind gal. Since the trend has now died down a tad, I finally felt ready to get my silver dress out. The see through number had me feeling a bit like Princess Diana (although she had much-much greater legs haha!)

This is a love or hate outfit. I have had a few comments on ditching the socks. What do you guys think?

This week I am adding a splash of colour with these floral socks courtesy of H&M (I hope you are getting used to my floral addiction). I love how simple this outfit was to put together. The greatest thing about wearing silver on silver is – it requires very little attention. Let me know your thoughts on kicking off 2017 in silver.

Dress :  Warehouse

Heels :  Jamaica (Old)

Socks : H&M

Bag : New Look 





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