Bank Holiday Outfit – Sea Blue, Vintage Frill Dress

So, I am standing in Liverpool Street in a vintage frill dress that just demands to be photographed. My friend and natural hair vlogger Abi is snapping away, because its fast approaching 4:00pm and it’s not yet Summer. We both know that light is life and so we are desperate to catch the tiny bit of sun that is fast disappearing beneath the clouds. This desire meant that we both failed to notice the group of people standing just below us, but they refused to be ignored.  Suddenly, a sound carries on the wind and my attention is captivated by the tune of the “here comes the bride” wedding song. A slight feeling of embarrassment hits my chest and I felt somewhat uncomfortable at having so many eyes on me as they hummed the tune. If I had less melanin, I would be 100 % blushing – obviously so.

Suddenly a lady shouted out, “where’s your husband?” She had an amazing beaming smile that stretched from ear to ear; I knew she was playing with me and so I shouted back, “I will let you know when I find him.” Her group of friends laughed and continued waiting for their coach.

Comfort in fashion

These are the places that blogging have taken me over the last year and a half. The funny thing is I wear this type of clothes daily. I am just that girl – that girl who will travel around London with flowers in my hair and retro vintage dresses.

Thinking about it now, I find the entire episode somewhat amusing. I believe in being confident in your own style even if others don’t always like it.  Fashion is a privilege, there are still countries out there that demands their citizens dress in a certain way… places where there is a real fight for individuality in fashion. Sometimes, I just feel like going out in a vintage frill dress because…. Well why not?

I love the high neckline on this amazing sea blue frill dress, I have only worn it twice because to be honest I always feel a little like I am pulling my belly button to my back when I wear it – if I put on ½ pound I won’t be able to zip it up anymore but I absolutely adore it and heck it still fits. The day this dress no longer fits me is the day I will officially make up my mind to go to the gym. Believe it or not I picked up this dress for in a bulk buy, I got 3 for £10 (including this dress) from a vintage rail. Remember what I said last week about loving to find a fashion bargain?

Guys if you live in London and you’re a vintage freak like me you must check out Roman Road Market in Mile End. There’s this guy there with a vintage stall and trust me his stocks are just amazing.

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Heels : New Look

Box Bag ; New Look


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