Trousers. Every woman should own a pair! The shapes of trousers have really changed over the last few years and they now come in a range of cuts and style that will flatter any women irrespective of their body shapes. I love classic trousers and I have a few in a range of colours and cuts; while I adore skinny jeans sometime I just want that loose feeling where I can feel the breeze against my legs (you know that I am talking about?) 

Great trouser are a real alternative to that nice dress that have picked you up time and time again. On those days where it’s just too cold for dresses / skirts but too warm for jeans or just those amazing events that forbids jean, a pair of trousers can really make or break your outfit. They can also be a real-life saver.  

This  week I realised that I have a whole bunch of pink pieces in my closet so I decided to be ‘pretty in pink’ by theming these pair of pink high waisted trousers with this floral crop top.  Throw on a duster coat and a bowler hat to complete the look. The great thing about pink is the palette – as there are so many shades you can totally rock an outfit in multiple shades and patterns. 


Outfit : Heels | Duster Coat | Trousers | Pink floral crop Top = Asos | Hat : Primark


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