Awkward greetings from me,  Resha 🙂
My outfit right here is the average run around that you’ll “catch me outside” in.
I did think it was a bit plain for a photo shoot but I LOVE everything I have on! (except those jeans,  jeans just don’t fit me… Sigh)
Let me walk you through each piece:
  • My coat is from originally from ASOS but I found it at Petticoat Lane market in Liverpool Street for £15, what a bargain! Petticoat Lane is a must for all you girls who want to stay fly on low low money,  don’t let them stores fool you,  what you think is a discount is far from.  Commercialism, bruh.
  • The jumper is from H&M,  I remember staring at it longingly for weeks and when I finally saw it on sale I had to snatch me up one in black AND white.  Yes please.
  • The jeans are from pull and bear…. yeah….they constantly need pulling up and can give me a saggy crotch :/; let’s move on quickly…
  • Ahhh my boots,  the bargain of this whole post! Lidl’s ladies and gentlemen. £9.99.  You know,  I love that I have these because of the look of shock I see when people ask about them.  Girl,  don’t you know how Germans know how to make everything well.
Thanks for having me Shanni x


Coat:  ASOS  (bought at Petticoat Lane)
Jumper : H&M
Jeans : Pull & Bear
Boots : Lidl (Absolute bargain)

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