So, I recently looked up the history of the dungarees and was amazed to find that dungarees were once worn solely by impoverished people, poor workers and even slaves. During the war, the fabric was also used to make clothes for women (*Today the term Dungarees refer to the fabric and material). It’s curious that Dungaree only became fashionable in 40s /early 50s, they later gained acceptance as casual wear because they are comfortable, easy to wear and practical. The 90s saw an influx of this fashionable item which is suitable for both men and women. Dungarees have really come a long way. While we may not be wearing overall in 2017 the dungaree has influence the jumpsuit and has become an importance piece that transcends age and gender.

This week I am rocking a pair of dungarees! I love that they are so versatile and comfortable. Depending on shoes and what you wear underneath dungarees really do give off a different feel. This week I decide to add a bit of class to these dungarees by adding a floral crop top and floral heels. Floral is always a great staple piece because although Spring is a great time to wear it – I feel that it is suitable for any season as it adds a sense of fun and happiness to any outfit (Completely biased of course because I am  absolutely obsessed with floral). For a more casual look why not add a plain tee and a pair of pumps?                                              Happy Monday!

Outfit source – 

Dungarees : New look

Floral Top

Floral Heels : Asos

Tiny cross body bag : River Island


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