Here I am again at a fashion event, namely one of the last fashion events of the year… gosh, where did 2016 go? Hosted by Mahogany International, The Mahogany Bridal Fair took place on Sunday 23rd October 2016 and continues to stand out as a bridal fair that cater to both the traditional bride to be as well as the fashion conscious bride who is looking for something unique for their special day. Once again my candyfloss princess insides were screaming with absolute delight at these awesome dresses. Guys I am so I awe of these designers, all of Afro Caribbean descent. I am telling you, its dresses like these that makes me want to get married and fast. How gorgeous are these designs?mbf-1-of-31 mbf-2-of-31 mbf-3-of-31 mbf-4-of-31 mbf-5-of-31 mbf-6-of-31 mbf-7-of-31 mbf-8-of-31 mbf-9-of-31 mbf-10-of-31 mbf-11-of-31 mbf-12-of-31 mbf-13-of-31 mbf-14-of-31 mbf-16-of-31mbf-15-of-31mbf-17-of-31mbf-18-of-31 mbf-19-of-31 mbf-20-of-31 mbf-21-of-31 mbf-22-of-31 mbf-23-of-31 mbf-24-of-31 mbf-25-of-31 mbf-26-of-31 mbf-27-of-31 mbf-28-of-31 mbf-30-of-31 mbf-31-of-31


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