There’s definitely is something to be said about this year’s African Fashion Week London (AFWL), I attended the event on Saturday and my finger felt like it was going to fall off from the sheer speed and force by which I was taking photos. Everything was just gooorrgeous, and I just couldn’t contain myself (It’s such a good thing that my friend suggested I cleared my camera before the big event, or I am sure even my 128 GB memory card would have struggled). Trust me you guys everything was just amazing, if you weren’t there you must…must…must go next year. The dresses, the suits, the T-Shirts, the fabrics…. did I even mention the guys? Oh…my Gawwwdddd……

Below are just a few of my favourite designs… I took over 2000 photos and I just can’t post them all, unfortunately…

Special mention to VanElse who really made great use of the fabrics.afwl0001afwl0014 afwl0008 afwl0002 afwl0004 afwl0006afwl0013 afwl0009 afwl0003afwl0005 afwl0010 afwl0011 afwl0007afwl0016 afwl0018 afwl0019 afwl0020 afwl0021


afwl0023 afwl0024 afwl0025


afwl0027 afwl0028 afwl0029


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