Hi guys, this week I am making a DIY Choker. If you read last week’s blog post I was talking about my DIY choker holder, which turned out fabulously by the way. I am now able to store so many of my chokers and necklaces in one place.  (Check out my last week’s post to see how it was made).

This week I have decided to show you a step by step guide guide on  how to actually  make my own choker necklace. It’s amazing how easy  these chokers are to make and the best part of it is that you can choose your own ribbon, lace and your own design. If you want me see how to make this DIY choker please follow the steps below. I haven’t numbered the steps but if you follow them in order from left to right you should be able to easily replicate it.

Making a DIY choker necklace

Choker holder (1 of 10)
Choker holder (3 of 10)

Choose the ribbon that you will be using. I like to lay them out together so I can decide which one will best suit my upcoming outfits. I then cut the ribbon, I cut mine to 30cm as this is the standard size for most choker necklaces.

Choker holder (4 of 10)
Choker holder (5 of 10)
Choker holder (6 of 10)

Add the ribbon clamps to both ends using your jewellery making pliers. The flat nose pliers work best with these clamps. Once both clamps have been attached to either end of the ribbon, I them add the jump ring to the chain and attached the chain to one of the clamp.

Choker holder (7 of 10)
Choker holder (8 of 10)
Choker holder (9 of 10)

I then attach the lobster clasp to the other end of the ribbon clasp and voila!

For this DIY choker necklace tutorial you will need:

A piece of Lace – 30cm long

A set of jewellery making pliers

A cutting tool i.e scissors

A piece of chain – 7cm long (18-20 loops)

2 ribbon clamps

1 waterdrop charm droplet chain end

1 lobster clasp

2 jump rings



  1. Just came across your blog. It's a cool one. Thanks for sharing this DIY, I love to make some things myself. Have a great week ahead! www.zinnyfactor.com
    • Shanni Reply
      Thanks Zinny. Check out my post on Monday to see how I wear this necklace.

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