Hi Guys,

So lately I have become absolutely obsessed with chokers. Like metal to a magnet, I have found myself completely spellbound by them. All the ones I really adore were a little expensive though and so  I was caught in a bit of a dilemma. It didn’t take long for my creativity kicked in and settle on the fact that I could just make these babies. As my collection grew so did the issue of storage. I have got enough clothes and shoes to take up quite a substantial part of my room so I really didn’t want to struggle to find a space for my growing choker collection. It is with this thought in mind that I decided to create a simple DIY choker holder.

For this DIY choker holder, you will need :

  1. Paint of your choice – as its so close to valentines day I have chosen the keep with the theme by using pink and silver.
  2. A  wooden Hanger – you can get these from most store , if you can try to secure one in white.
  3. Ornaments  – these are for decorating the hanger, choose content such as beads, foam flowers, buttons etc.
  4. Several paint brushes.
  5. A glue gun.

STEP One: Paint the Hanger in the colour of your choice. I chose to paint mine pink. Once it was dried I went over it will a coat of silver. I then left it to dry for a day.

STEP TWO :  Once  the paint is dry, decorate the hanger using the embellishment of your choice. I have chosen to use some foam roses from Hobby craft these are really cheap to buy and just as easy to stick on using a glue gun. 

I added some leaves for a sense of naturality and liveliness . Although the flowers are pretty I wanted it to look a little garden like so, therefore I removed a few leaves from another plant I had in my room, carefully placed and stuck these on beneath the flowers .

STEP THREE:  Leave the decorated hanger to dry

STEP FOURS: Hang choker on the hanging and display. This design is really convenient as you can place in in your closet, hang on the wall as a display or simply just pop it over your door handle. It pretty and it takes up almost no space at all.

Better yet; this DIY Choker holder design is also multipurpose and can also be used to store other items such as: Watches, sunglasses, belts and handbags.


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