About Me

“Shanniel, please don’t tell me you went to work with your hair like that! That’s just downright unprofessional. Why you even going natural for? That stuff ain’t in fashion no more.”

Now I am all about respect, so you can just imagine the words I had to swallow when I had this woman (with receding hairline nonetheless) cussing out my TWA (tweeny weeny afro). Child, I was vexed! Now it’s been a couple of months since that issue, my hair has grown some and its now gotten to a state where I can do a little sup’m sup’m with it. Still when I think about that comment…. I sure as heaven hear Elsa singing “Let it go”.

So, is this a hair blog I hear you ask?

Absolutely Not. However, it is certainly a blog inspired by my hair. Xplodingstereotypes is about just that – exploding the stereotypes behind the ignorant ideas that Afro kinky hair like mine (and yours) is not fashionable or professional.

This blog is about my love for natural hair, fashion and the daily up and downs of life in general. It aims to capture the person behind the natural and shatter the concepts that you cannot be corporate, professional or up-to-date with natural hair.

My hope is that everyday women from all walks of life, both natural and those aspiring to be, will read my blog and think: ‘this is awe inspiring and I would love to be a part of it.

Happy browsing!